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Full spectrum chocolate mint CBD Oil processed from Colorado grown, all natural hemp. The one ounce bottle holds 2,000 mg CBD and the 1/2 ounce bottle contains 1,000 mg CBD.  With natural chocolate and mint flavors for subtle, yet, distinctive flavor. Please keep away from children.

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11 reviews for Chocolate Mint CBD Oil

  1. Christi J

    This little bottle possesses miracles . It has helped me cope with my anxiety and depression. I even decided to use it during labor for my second son. For my anxiety and depression, it calms me. It slows me back down to a normal functioning speed and allows me to manage talking to people without fear or worry. My stutter problem subsides because I’m no longer nervous. For my pregnancy, it helped me with my labor pains. I was baffled that I was laughing during contractions up until he was delivered. The back labor I had was no match to the CBD. There’s video proof!!! On a heavier note, This oil has also helped my friend while he was […]. Words cannot describe how much relief this gave him while he Was fighting. He unfortunately lost his battle, but I saw the burden lifted from him when he incorporated CBD daily. It truly is a life changer.

  2. Karen

    I had a bottle of this I was taking for my fibromyalgia. Then my nephew broke his kneecap. He was in so much pain and the pain pills weren’t working. I gave him my cbd oil and he said it worked so much better. And since his step-brother died from an opiate overdose he was happy to have this alternative to the drugs from the doctor. He came through his injury great! Both of us were glad I had this to give to him. I recommend it for all kinds of pain and inflammation.

  3. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    We’ve been using this on my husband’s basal cell carcinoma spots and surgical site. The site has healed quickly with minimal scaring. It tastes great too. We also bought the blood orange oil!

  4. Tara

    I had done a ton of research about Hemp CBD oil prior to purchase, and was … semi-optimistic. I have autonomic dysfunction, and it primarily affects my heart (I go into different arrhythmias). Semi-optimistic turned into ‘This is a game changer for me’. This product has helped to keep my nervous system calm, and I’ve only had 4 heart episodes in 2 months (which is huge). It helps me with nausea, headaches, focus, and anxiety. Honestly, I’m super grateful to have found a product that is natural, and a company who is transparent. I don’t have to question what’s in it — I can to read the test results. 5 stars, and I’ll keep recommending FOH to my friends/family!

  5. JJM

    Helped IMMENSELY after sustaining an ATV accident. Was thrown from ATV and suffered major sprains and strains to both L shoulder and chest area and L hand. As a RN who has worked in pain management, I was ready to try an alternative to allopathic medicine for pain. 1000mg CBD did it! I was up and about within about 3 days, but have continued to take BID (twice daily) and have noticed major improvements in joint functioning, less inflammation and aches and pains. I am a believer!

  6. Rachel

    I work in a health food store and we receive free samples on about a weekly basis of CBD products. I sampled the mint chocolate one and I love it! This is hands down the BEST CBD I have tried! It’s more cost effective than many others as is, but since it works so well, I take far less as well, and with better results. I would definitely recommend this product (and do every day)!

  7. Buddy Kelly (verified owner)

    I’ve been doing about 1/2 a dropper, 1/4 in the morning, 1/4 in the evening for a little over a week now. I can tell you that my pains from degenerative discs have reduced noticeably. Between this and the homeopathic meds,.I believe I can stay off those killer prescription meds or least this will give me a chance to reduce them significantly. I did a home drug test for THC after the first week of using this product and it showed negative! Yay!
    The hemp taste is still there, but the chocolate mint makes it easy to deal with 🙂
    I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a natural alternative.

  8. TA (verified owner)

    The Chocolate Mint CBD Oil is yummy! As an empath, I find it to be effective and helpful with calming coupled with intentional breathing. I’m really grateful.

  9. Daniel

    I take the recommended dose 0.38 every night before bed and am getting the most restful sleep of my life without the grogginess in the morning that comes from NyQuil. I’ve never been good at getting to sleep or staying asleep but this has worked wonders for me.

  10. Dorothy Gram

    Helps with my anxiety and sleeplessness

  11. Dorothy Gram

    Helps emensly

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Full spectrum Chocolate Mint CBD Oil processed from Colorado grown, all natural hemp. The one ounce bottle holds 2,000 mg CBD and the 1/2 ounce bottle contains 1,000 mg CBD.  With natural chocolate and mint flavors for subtle, yet, distinctive flavor.

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MCT, hemp extract, natural flavoring

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